Working from home always feels like a boon to most of us, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t be excited to work within the comfort of their own houses? I mean, isn’t it a blessing?

You could be working according to your versatility, you don’t have to wake up early and rush to your office. And, above all no worry of turning up late and suffering your boss’s wrath! But, then again to be effectively working from home it’s necessary that we may follow certain tips. This would help us to avoid distractions and to focus on our work. Because, while we are home, we tend to get a lot of distracted, like maybe we would be wanting to take a nap, or probably we would be wanting to binge watch some shows on Netflix.

After all, it’s our home, and there is no one to stop us, and we’d be wanting to procrastinate as much. And, that would gravely affect the quality of our work. So, how to manage our work while we are home? How to avoid distractions and maintain our focus? So, let’s take a look at it. 


Tips for Effectively Working from Home:

  • Set a schedule and stick to it: 

    Having a schedule while we work at home is an absolute necessity. When we have a guideline to follow, we would be able to work properly. Although working from home, provide us with flexibility, sometimes we would be expected to extend our day or start early to accommodate someone else’s time zone. In those cases, make sure that you set up your time schedule accordingly so that it wouldn’t lead to any delay. Automatic time tracking apps would allow us to check whether we’re sticking onto our schedule. They can also help us find when we have been most productive versus when we have slacked off. 

  • Maintain a separate phone number:   

    While working from home, having a phone number for office use would prove quite useful. This would enable you to keep a perfect balance between your personal life and work life. Thus you could attend to the needs of both your personal life and work. 

  • Take short breaks:

    Just don’t go hard on yourself. Even while you are working, remember to take short breaks. Continuous work would stress your mind and body. Hence, taking a short break and continuing your work would revitalize your body and mind. 

  • Eat healthy meals and snacks:

    Just because you are home doesn’t mean that you should be eating whatever you feel like. Eating lots of junk would cause your body to get lethargic and you would get tired and exhausted easily. And, hence it is necessary that you should have a healthy diet. 

  • Step outside:

    Work from home expects you to spend the majority of your time inside the house. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you remain cooped inside the house. Going outside would rejuvenate and refresh your mind and boost your creativity and productivity. 

  • Use video chats:

    Working from home can get pretty lonely, especially if you are living alone. Hence, it is important that we make sure that we remain connected to our colleagues and chat with team members and clients each day

  • Stay vigilant against security risks:

    Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you won’t be a target to hackers. Your work machine is incredibly valuable for thieves and criminals, so take care to work securely. 

  • Use professional communication tools:

    Choosing professional communication tools would prevent your team to work remotely instead of a myriad of chat apps and a spreadsheet of cell phone numbers.


Challenges faced while working from home. 

Work from home isn’t as smooth and wonderful as it may seem. It may be challenging for both married and single people equally. Working from home can be especially challenging if you are a single person and living alone. This might cause you to feel lonely and alone. This might as well cause you to withdraw from the outside world and might cause you to lose connection with the outside world. 

If you are married, the challenges may be equally tough. You’d have had to manage your family life and office life equally. You’d have to take care of your responsibilities along with your work and might be quite stressful if you wouldn’t plan accordingly. 

Now, if you are a mother and working from home, it would be extremely stressful. Here are some tips you could follow to manage your life as a mother and your work time:

  • Have a consistent morning routine.
  • Be flexible with your daily routine. 
  • Keep your kids occupied while you are working. Buy them a new toy or have a different type of activity or craft for your kid. 
  • Spend some time with your kids. So, hence set your schedule accordingly. 

Have a proper balance between your personal life and work life. Working from home may sound like a true paradise but it could be hell if you don’t manage things properly. And, thereby making sure to plan everything accordingly. Above all, don’t procrastinate. Procrastination would lead you to nowhere. Hence, make sure that you stick to your schedule and work accordingly. 

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