Corona virus has affected the job market of the world. There will be a tough time for recently graduating students who will be in search of jobs soon. Talking about the employees who already have a job are also affected. There are many employees who are thinking to have a fresh start and others are compelled to make a change and prepare for the future.

In simple words, there is a lot of competition that this generation will face in finding jobs post-COVID-19. In this article, we will be discussing some points that will help you to prepare yourself better and find a job post-COVID-19.

What are the three main skills you should be working on right now as a creative professional?

Being creative is an important value that every employee should possess. When you look out for job openings, you see a number of skills that are required without which you are not eligible to apply for the jobs. Some important skills are:

  1. Programming Skills

    Programming has become a major part of the modern industry. IT sectors have increased and it is comparatively easier to apply for a job in any IT sector if you have some common programming language skills. Programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, and SQL are common among programmer skills. Coding has become a major part. But even in IT sectors, the rise of UI/UX design has proved that not only programming skills are required to be an efficient employee, but you need to have some marketing skills as well in some projects.

  2. Marketing Skills:

     Marketing skills include social media fields, market strategy, merchandising, and sales. Earlier, there were different departments in a company for different purposes like designing, marketing, and selling. Now the employers are considered to have all the skills of coding, designing, marketing, and selling. At least a basic idea. This makes the employee as well as the company more efficient. The advent of content marketing has spread far beyond traditional occupations.

  3. Business Skills

    A creative employee should have knowledge in business development, business process, e-commerce, store management, and accounting. These are certain basic requirements to become a creative employee. The merging of skills allows the business to make improvements in challenging environments. 

How to maintain the right habits to ensure your build you expertise?

Having certain skills is a primary requirement to become a successful creative employee. There are also certain methods you need to follow and practice to become successful in any field you are in:

  1. Work HarderWorking hard does not mean to work for 24 hours. But it means to work efficiently. Prepare some projects that you think might help in your long run. Keep them intact and use them when needed. When you will finally apply to a company, you can show those projects. They will get the knowledge that you did not waste your time during the lockdown.
  2. Effective Communication– Communication is the key factor. There are many people who do not know the proper way of communication. Start working on this filed immediately. Try to express yourself to the fullest and share your ideas. This will let the other employees get an overview of your ideas and merge their ideas to make a better project.
  3. Discipline– Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. COVID-19 has locked the world down and most of the people have gone out of their routine. This a not a healthy habit. Be disciplined and have a daily routine. We all know that practice makes a man perfect. To be perfect you need to practice and in a specific order. If you are not self-disciplined, it will be hard for you to accomplish your goals.

How to become an expert in your field?

  1. Start speaking: As said earlier, communication is the key factor. Speaking in public is scary for most people. In this lockdown period, it is not possible to attend seminars and improve your public-speaking skills. But, a very simple way to practice can be speaking in front of the mirror. This is a psychological fact that watching one’s body language which speaking can improve your communication skills as well as your body language. 
  2. Micro-specialize: Try to focus on your goals without taking care of what others might think. Stop trying to please everyone else. This approach will let you understand your niche better and let you be more skillful in the particular field you want.
  3. Write articles– Start with the basic things. Start writing articles for your blog or websites on their expertise. You can also send them to newspapers or journals for publishing those. This practice will let you have enough content in your area of expertise and will let you have more knowledge about the particular field.

The job market is degrading day by day. There will be fewer vacancies post COVID-19 due to the economic condition of the world. You might face hard competition but never lose hope. Keep trying and start with the basics. You will definitely succeed.

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