There is no such career as which is 100% recession-proof. Recession sometimes strike jobs in the most unexpected ways, depending on the cause of the recession and the local impact. However, some career options remain far safer than others in an economic turn down.

So, here is a list of the top ten recession-proof degrees we would suggest college students consider: 


  1. Medical professionals: 

    People get sick, no matter what happens to the economy and hence, the need for medical professionals always remains a true necessity, no matter what. This means that medical professionals like doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, etc remain almost untouched by the effect of the recession. And, thereby we would suggest a medical degree as the most effective recession proof degree to be considered by the students to have a secure career. 

  2. Social workers: 

    A degree in the field of social works is yet another degree that could be considered as recession-proof, to a great extent. Social workers help people with their problems. Besides, most of the social workers operate in the public sectors, which are barely affected by employment swings even during the recession, and hence, this field remains considerably, recession-proof. 

  3. Accountants and auditors: 

    As a college student, you can always go for a degree in the field of accountancy and auditing. This is a recession-proof degree which provides a secure career option. Since financial regulations don’t go away during recessions, neither does the demand for accountants and auditors. 

  4. Educators: 

    Your teachers and professors have a recession-proof career if you give it a thought. Recession would not stop kids from going to school, after all. This career option tends to be considered safe, even during downturns. 

  5. IT workers: 

    As a college student, we would suggest you take a degree in the field of IT since it is a quite stable and secure career option to be considered for the fall. IT is an enormous umbrella field and hence, most workers remain in demand, even in a recession. 

  6. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians: 

    Pharmacists have yet another secure job, as they’d be most wanted even during the recession. Prescriptions continue to flow, regardless of the economy. And, if you are someone suffering from some chronic disease, you would be needing medicine, recession or not. And, hence it is a secure career option to be considered by college students. 

  7. Librarians and Archivists: 

    Not everyone would be exactly interested in taking a degree in the library field and not everyone would be interested to be a librarian either. But, a job in this field is steady and least affected by the recession. Hence, we would suggest students consider this as a career option.

  1. Veterinarians: 

    As with people working in the field of health care, veterinaries also have a recession-proof job. People’s pets may get sick and injured even during recessions and hence the demand for veterinarians also increases, considerably. Hence, students searching for a stable job in the future can consider doing this course to pursue. 


  2. Physical and occupational therapists: 

    physical and occupational therapy is part of the treatment of many ailments for most surgical procedures. And, hence their job remains insulated during the recession. Hence, we would suggest students consider this as a stable job option as well.


  3. Law enforcement: 

    This is yet another job field that remains relatively untouched by the recession. Of course, the recession wouldn’t stop the cops and other workers in this field from working. So, hence this job continues to be one of the most secure jobs. And, students can, with confidence pursue this degree for a stable job. 



Recessions can be painful and only a few people may be able to claim immunity. So, as a student, you can always take into consideration the degree you are pursing and find out about its consistency. You can always choose wisely, and opt for degree options that would not be easily affected by the recession. Hence, we suggest that the best you could do is choose wisely, to have stability in your career in the future. 

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