We all at some point might have experienced the fear of missing out. The fear that tends to have such a deep effect on our lives, that we eventually end up isolating ourselves from the world around us, and often miss the excitement and surprises life has to offer us.  The fear of missing out or popularly known as FOMO refers to the feeling or perception that others are having more fun or experiencing better things than you are. It involves a great deal of envy, which may just affect the self-esteem of a person.

Isn’t it quite common nowadays? Especially with the extended use of social media, where everyone is fighting hard to display that they are having an extremely excellent lifestyle. I mean, social media have now become a platform, where we all are competing among’st each other, to show off the quality of our lives. And, behind the scenes, our life wouldn’t be as smooth as we show in social media, but that’s not the point right? We just want to people see and maybe, feel envious. But, then this trend continues.

Everyone shares everything that happens in their lives. Got a promotion? Okay, let’s post it, after all, it’s necessary that our colleagues may see that. Or maybe it’s some shots from a Friday party night? I mean, people have to believe that you are having lots of fun in your life, right? Social media have indeed accelerated this phenomenon of FOMO. And, then at some point, the sense of ‘normal’ becomes twisted and we all began to believe that we are doing worse than our peers. That everyone around us is having fun, and we are missing out.

Eventually, everything, including happiness, become a matter of competition. And, this fear would begin to mess with our mind. We fall prey to depression and stress. We are always under constant tension that we are lacking something in our lives. And, this could be dangerous and it might lead to unhealthy behaviors. This might lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in life. And, eventually leading to us to begin to despise our life.

It is difficult to overcome this fear of missing out, especially during this era, when everyone is sharing the perfection of their lives daily. It’s obvious that we might feel like we are actually lacking something, that our life is absolutely dry and boring.

But, yet, here are some tips we would suggest you follow if you are suffering from this fear of missing out:

  • Avoid overusing social media: Now this might be the root of most of our problems. If we decrease our usage of social media, we might just actually begin to feel happy about our own lives, because there wouldn’t be anything for us to compare our lives with.  It would enable us to focus on what we are doing and be happy about it. We are not suggesting you to completely avoid social media, probably just take a break from scrolling down Instagram or Facebook, and just think about all those blessings you have in your lives. Trust us, it would make you feel better.
  • Be grateful: There is always going to be someone out there whom you believe is better than you. Maybe someone with a more luxurious life, A more unique lifestyle. But, why should you always focus on what you don’t have when you could at the same time look upon what you have. Try being grateful for a change. Try counting your blessings and learn to be happy with what you have. It’d fill you with a lot of positivity.
  • Maybe you are not missing out: There is a possibility that maybe you are not actually missing out. It’s just that you are just comparing yourself with the exaggerated life of others and comparing it with ours, eventually feeling like you are missing out.
  • Savor the moment: Every moment in your life is a blessing. Learn to grab every moment and every opportunity you come across. Focus on your own life, rather than focussing on the lives of others. It’s your life. Enjoy it!

It may be difficult to overcome FOMO, but it’s not impossible. All you have to do is focus on your life. Learn to be grateful to the life you are leading and be happy with whatever you have. And, then you would realize maybe you are not missing out, you might be just ignoring the happiness you are provided with.

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