‘Work from home will be fun’- they said.

Well, it is fun isn’t except the distractions which make you work for extended hours every day. I thought I will be more productive if I work-from-home because I am at my comfortable space but that ‘comfortable’ space turns into a big distraction when I have to focus on work and meet deadlines.

When I lock myself in a room to create a perfect environment to work without getting disturbed by any of my family members then distraction chooses another way to stop me from being productive by poor internet connection.

According to research data, an employee gets interrupted every 11 minutes and takes around 25 minutes to return to work and this is how you end working for extended hours these days.

Please read further to know more about those common distractions which have become a villain in our working life.


If you have a big family including children then this is going to be hard for you to manage. My manager’s daughter has a habit of paying with the switches and this made him lock himself in a room to work properly. It’s a blessing as well because you will get your breakfast and lunch on time and some extra snacks as well.


Yes, the phone is a big distraction to me because we had to submit our mobile phones from 9-3:30 as per dealing with stock market norms. But I have to keep that data always on for important office updates on WhatsApp which also makes me check other notifications as well.


Only your lifestyle has changed i.e., work-from-home but other family members have the routine. I think that’s one of the best explanations of why people usually don’t opt for the open-office concept. because some kind of jobs requires focus and concentration and I suppose everyone isn’t capable of having good concentration even in a noisy place.

People interruption:

You can ask your family to cooperate for instance but not the unannounced visitors, like a delivery boy, milkman, relatives, etc. sometimes your family needs you that’s why you get a call even when you are at office but when you are at home there intervention increases a lot more which makes working even harder because it’s really hard to avoid them.


I know you must be thinking how multi-tasking acts as a distraction but trust me it is when you are in a zoom meeting and also trying to make your end of the report to meet your deadline then you aren’t able to focus in any of these.

Abrupt technology:

When everything is going alright your network comes in between to make you late when you were just going to submit that important report to your manager. The worst-case scenario is a power cut in which you are helpless to work further.

Easy tips to avoid distractions and be as effective as you were in the office.

  • I would suggest you to start waking up on exact time you used to wake up and get ready for office, you can start a bit early utilizing traveling time to office or you can also have a peaceful light breakfast while segregating your priority work for the day.
  • You can have a fix 15 min break time like you used to have in the office. You can spend a bit of time with your family and have a small tea break meanwhile, or attend those calls which were disturbing you all the time when you were trying to concentrate on your work.
  • When you are giving break to yourself give a bit of break to your system as well which will help them a bit to cool down and not interrupt when you are working on important things.
  • Keep your kids engaged in things that they love, you can load them with small fun assignments with a deadline which would keep them busy and have fun at the same time.
  • You can use your earphones to let your family get an indication that it’s not the right moment to disturb.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with the energy drink, which people usually forget when they are engrossed in their work.
  • Segregate your work in advance to avoid overworking, do you know why do we get deadlines because we work effectively and efficiently to meet that damn deadline. In the same way, you can also segregate your work first thing in the morning because then it is easy to complete that pile of mountain work.
You can make work-from-home fun!

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